Powell Maesgwynne by Denley Owen

If someone would like to submit a history of Llanboidy, it would be very welcome.
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Powell Maesgwynne by Denley Owen

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Powell Maesgwynne
Philanthropist, Sporting Great and Radical Hero

An account of the life and times of
W.R.H. Powell, M.P.
Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire
(1819 - 1889)

The book reveals how an influential landowner in west Wales in the nineteenth century became a rebel with countless causes. Walter Powell, Squire of Maesgwynne, was a churchman who called for disestablishment, a landlord who campaigned for tenants' rights, and a supporter of the Daughters of Rebecca, who demolished tollgates in their quest for justice. In this compelling account of a man who became Carmarthenshire's first radical M.P., Dr Denley Owen recounts the remarkable story of a benefactor who provided education and homes for the poor of his native Llanboidy and sickness benefits and pensions to the labourers of west Wales. Yet, despite his tireless efforts on behalf of the less privileged, Powell found time to be MFH for fifty years as well as a leading racehorse owner with 'unbeatable' steeplechasers in his stable of seventy. Walter Rice Howell Powell, affectionately known as Powell Bach, was a truly exceptional man and this book is a fascinating account of his life and times.