Llanboidy Market Hall - Available for Hire

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Llanboidy Market Hall - Available for Hire

Postby Admin » Thu Sep 18, 2014 3:38 pm

The newly re-furbished Llanboidy Market Hall - Available for Hire


Llanboidy Market Hall, an edifice of historic significance and of great importance to the Community of Llanboidy, is an iconic venue for any civic, educational, cultural, social or celebratory event.

Following a successful application for substantial grant funding from Carmarthenshire County Council's Axis 3 Rural Community Inclusion Project and Axis 4 Innovative Communities Project, has enabled the Market Hall Committee to embark on a program of renovation.

The Hall, which already boasted modern kitchen facilities, has been completely rewired, state of the art fire warning and smoke detecting system installed, new emergency exit lighting, new high efficiency wall mounted radiant heaters and a public address system including a sound induction loop along with extensive draught exclusion work.

With ultimate safety features, added comfort and a classic ambiance redolent of of its long history, it is the perfect venue for events for local and more distant organisations who are invited to hire the hall by calling the secretary -

Mrs M Thomas on 01994 448249