long vehicles/trailers fouling hedge banks

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long vehicles/trailers fouling hedge banks

Postby davetparkes » Wed Jul 14, 2010 2:10 pm

a few days ago a vehicle towing a drag trailer coming up the hill from st clears direction attempted to turn right on the groesfordd crossroads towards the blaenwaun , heading for dpbs.

it was not in any way possible without fouling the banks so i assisted the driver to reverse back towards whitland when he could then go straight across.

before this another chunk of sarngoch bank opposite awelfryn was gouged out.

why didn't the driver approach from the whit land direction?

why are long vehicles with/without trailers attempting these manoeuvres on rural lanes?

they should should not be used if no route is available that avoids fouling banks or reversing without a banks man .

i think it is a minimum requirement that the haulage company and driver must plan and be aware of a suitable route.

these banks are part of the local heritage .

david parkes