Llanboidy Community Council Minutes 04-2015

This is where our Community has its voice, read the latest Minutes of our Community Council Meetings, let our local representatives know how they are doing, praise where it's due and constructive suggestions where necessary.
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Llanboidy Community Council Minutes 04-2015

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Minutes of Llanboidy Community Council Meeting Held on Wednesday 08th April 2015 at the Market Hall Llanboidy
Members Present:
Chairman – N Thomas
Councillors Present – J Gibbin, L Davies, R Williams, N Thomas, Councillor R Llewellyn, J Rees, D Dent and H Phillips and R Davies.
Apologies – S Thomas
The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted as a true record; proposed by J Gibbin, seconded by H Phillips and agreed by all.
Declarations of Interest
No declarations were made.
Matters Arising
1 Traffic near the school
Councillor Llewellyn reported that the school had erected a temporary sign to prohibit parking during certain times. He also stated that the school had not been formally approached regarding the proposed plans.

2 Empty Properties- Penybont Cottages
No further developments.

3 Over growing tress/hedges
Councillor Llewellyn reported that John Pearce and Tony Williams will be taking over this responsibility within the County Council; Councillor Llewellyn would liaise with them regarding the areas of concern.

4 Glanrhyd
R Davies reported that he had seen water coming out of the overflowing drains not off the fields during a recent spell of rain.

5 Travellers Rest
No further developments but top dressing should begin soon.

6 Rough road to Plas Y Bwci
No further developments but top dressing should begin soon.

7 Area outside water treatment site
The clerk reported that she had spoken to Matthew regarding the clearing and fencing work. Mathew had apologised for the delay but assured her that the work would begin within the next few weeks.

8 Swn Y Gan, Cefn Y Pant
Councillor Llewellyn reported that the retrospective planning application would be in front of the planning committee on 23.04.15. He also reported that the highways officer had said there would be no objections from him.

9 Parsonage Hill
No further developments.

10 Horse/Children warning signs
No further developments.

11 Extension of pipe at Trebleidded Junction
Cllr Llewellyn reported that he has chased the matter but there has been no action as yet.

12 M Williams (Overgrowing Branches)
No further developments.

13 Subsiding Hedge
As previous; the situation would be monitored.

14 Movement of drain cover on the left hand side of the road past Penrhallt, Llanboidy
D Phillips reported that the cross drain is blocked and requires clearing.

15 Water entering Brent and Audrey Rees’/Water running out of MaesGwyn Isaf’s field
Cllr Llewellyn had not spoken to the owners as of yet.

16 Castell Bach
No developments with clearing the parking area.

17 Seat in front of cenotaph/Neuadd Deg
D Phillips has removed the seat in front of the cenotaph as he felt it was in too poor a condition to be left. The clerk was asked to get prices for replacing the benches.

18 Development on land opposite Lan, Abbey Road
L Davies reported that he had no luck with the NFU in regards to assisting to write a letter, they had however advised that in order to have a case the Council would need to prove that the proposal was not viable. It was reported that the local opposition was strong and this was for a variety of reasons and it was felt that the Council must take action. It was decided to ask Andrew Vaughan Harries to assist in writing a letter of objection; D Phillips was asked to contact Mr Vaughan-Harries and arrange a meeting ASAP. IF Mr Vaughan-Harries was unable to assist then D Phillips was to inform Councillor Llewellyn in order for him to try and get someone else. Councillor Llewellyn would find out when the application would he heard so that the representatives from the council could request to attend the meeting to give their views. He would speak to the highways department to confirm the classification of the road and get their perspective on the issue.

19 Debris left on Felin Isaf Footpath
R Williams had heard reports that the footpath was clear.

20 Manholes in school layby and outside Mr Kendal
The manhole outside the school has been replaced and the one outside Mr Kendal’s repaired. Matter closed.

21 Tree over growing street light at Glan Gronw
The clerk has sent a letter requesting that the tree be trimmed but no action has been taken as of yet.
• Y Cardi Bach – Application for grant. £250 awarded in precept.
• Cylch Meithrin Ffynnonwen – Application for grant. £150 awarded. Proposed by D Phillips, seconded by J Gibbin and agreed by all.
• Carmarthenshire Young Farmers - Invite and tickets to the 2015 rally.
• National Assembly for Wales – Information on the launch of the ‘Field Finders’ campaign.
• Teenage cancer trust – Receipt for £100 grant awarded.
• Carmarthenshire Local Access Forum New Team – Information letter.
• Simon Hart MP – Information regarding the services available during the period that there are no MPs.
• One Voice Wales – Receipt for payment of 2015/16 membership.
• Letter from N Hoad – Letter requiring information on the following; Clyngwynne to Waun Fach footpath, High speed broadband and the display of the minutes on Llamnoidy.com. The clerk to ascertain where the footpath started and ended and speak to Emyr Davies regarding access and signage. The clerk reported that according to the information received from Simon Hart and on the website ‘Superfast Cymru’ work is due to start in the area in June 2015. The minutes had not been updated on the website for some time and the clerk apologised for this. The website is now up to date and the clerk will continue to ensure this continues. All of the above information would be reported back to Mr Hoad.
• Carmarthenshire County Council – Information on the consultation of; changes to Library Services in Llandeilo, possible introduction of public spaces protection orders and developing affordable housing plan.
• Carmarthenshire County Council – Information on the consultation of changes of its CCTV cameras.
• Ricky Johns – Letter offering services to maintain the local footpaths. This service is not required at present but the letter would be kept in case this became the case in the future.
• SWALEC – Invoice for the electricity supply for the Christmas Lights, £250.36. The clerk was asked to identify why the invoice has increased so much from the previous year before any payment was made.

No planning applications received.
Accounts for Payments
• St Brynach Church – £1000 awarded in precept. Cheque no. 000716.
• Y Cardi Bach - £250 awarded in precept. Cheque no.000714.
• Cylch Meithrin Ffynonwen - £150, cheque no. 000717. See correspondence.
Any Other Business
• Public Conveniences
It was decided to re-advertise the caretaker/cleaner position for another month. All applicants would be asked to provide a written application. The position would involve opening/closing and cleaning the facilities and the successful person would be paid 1 hour/day at a rate of £7.00 per hour.
The clerk was asked to look into what insurance the council may need to cover themselves against employee claims etc. She was also asked to put notices on the conveniences to explain the current situation and why the facilities weren’t currently open during the week.
• Grass cutting
Keith Adams had enquired whether the council would require his services for the forthcoming year. It was unanimously agreed that Mr Adams would be offered the work and that a letter would be sent to confirm this.
• Pavement between upper and lower village
D Phillips reported a near miss where he nearly hit 3 people walking along the road on the bend. He asked if it might be possible to clear some of the verge and put stones down to create some kind of pathway. Councillor Llewellyn reported that he would discuss the issue again with the new officers.
• Signposts for footpath
R Davies reported that new sign posts were required for the footpath that crosses his land. Councillor Llewellyn volunteered to report this to Emyr Davies.

I HEREBY GIVE YOU NOTICE that an ordinary meeting of the Community Council will be held on Wednesday 6th May 2015 at the Llanboidy Market Hall, Llanboidy at 8.00pm.
1 Confirm Minutes
2 Declarations of Interest
3 Matters Arising
4 Correspondence
5 Planning
6 Accounts for Payment
7 Any Other Business