Llanboidy Community Council Minutes 10-2015

This is where our Community has its voice, read the latest Minutes of our Community Council Meetings, let our local representatives know how they are doing, praise where it's due and constructive suggestions where necessary.
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Llanboidy Community Council Minutes 10-2015

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Minutes of Llanboidy Community Council Meeting Held on Wednesday 7th October 2015 at the Market Hall Llanboidy
Members Present:
Chairman – N Thomas
Councillors Present – R Williams, D Phillips, Cllr R Llewellyn, H Phillips and D Dent.
Apologies – J Rees, R Davies, J Gibbin, S Thomas and L Davies
The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted as a true record; proposed by H Phillips, seconded by D Phillips and agreed by all.
Declarations of Interest
No declarations were made.
Matters Arising
1 Traffic near the school
The clerk had contacted J Pearce again and he had phoned her to say that an email would be sent detailing what work would be done/had been done in regards to the issues reported. Cllr Llewellyn had also spoken to J Pearce and he had agreed to spend two hours next week to have a look at the issues.

2 Empty Properties- Penybont Cottages
L Evans had been out to inspect the properties and reported that they were in a terrible condition. An enforcement notice had been sent to the owner as the condition of the roofs were dangerous and in need of repair.

3 Over growing tress/hedges
The clerk had spoken to J Pearce and he had informed her that some notices had been send. Further notices would be sent once the areas had been inspected. N Thomas reported that these issues can also be reported directly on the Council Web site.

4 Glanrhyd
No developments.

5 Travellers Rest
Job completed.

6 Rough road to Plas Y Bwci
No developments.

7 Swn Y Gan, Cefn Y Pant
No further developments; the additional notice had not yet been issued.

8 Parsonage Hill
No developments.

9 Horse/Children warning signs
No developments.

10 Extension of pipe at Trebleidded Junction
No developments.

11 Subsiding Hedge
No developments.

12 Movement of drain cover on the left hand side of the road past Penrhallt, Llanboidy
No developments.

13 Water entering Brent and Audrey Rees’/Water running out of MaesGwyn Isaf’s field
The entrance into the field had been filled and the water was running into the gutter; there had not been much rain to date.

14 Castell Bach
Cllr. Llewellyn would see if it would be possible to park the car on the property of the Maesgwyn Arms.

15 Development at Rhiw Las, Abbey Road
Thank you to Cllr. Llewellyn, Steven Jones and Lyn Davies for the work they had done and for attending and speaking in the planning meeting. A meeting was scheduled for tomorrow to address the points made. D Phillips commented that no matter the outcome the area and local views had been represented well.

16 Public Conveniences
Councillors N Thomas, J Gibbin and D Dent met on 09.09.15 and gave the interior a good clean and J Rees had pressure washed the exterior. Thanks were given to all who helped and it was noted that the conveniences look much better. It was decided to wait until spring to see if painting was necessary. D Phillips apologised for his absence.

17 Pavement between upper and lower village
No developments.

18 Signposts for footpath
No developments.

19 Pant Rhas and Travellers Rest
Work completed.

20 Sunken road by the bridge in lower Llanboidy
No developments.

21 Road past Ddol being unsuitable for long vehicles
No developments.

22 Hole opposite Pen Y Bont Bridge
No developments.

23 Height Sign on Pont Y Fenni Bridge and Long grass at the end of Abbey Road
The clerk was advised that this would need to be reported next year when the verges begin to grow and the reason they had not been cut was due to a rare flower growing there. The case will then be looked once it has been reported.

24 Sunken grid in road past Blaensarngoch
The clerk has reported this issued to J Pearce.

25 Access around Market Hall Llanboidy
R Hill was not interested in selling the land but was happy for the hall to be given right of way in order to carry out maintenance work. D Phillips felt that there should some contract drawn up to reflect this. D Phillips proposed to give 3m of land owned by the Community Council to the hall and R Williams seconded this, all other councilors were in agreement. Cllr Llewellyn would look into the legalities of this.
26 Rubbish outside the flats in Llanboidy
This rubbish has now been removed. Matter closed.
27 Street light at top of Llanboidy
N Thomas reported the light and this has now been changed. Matter closed.
28 6” step in the road by a water grate up from the top of Rhos Hill
This work has been completed. Matter closed.
29 Invoice for Council meetings
No invoice has been received to date.

Carmarthenshire County Council – Public Open Space Notice
Cancer Information and Support Services (CISS,) South West Wales Charity – Information letter and request for support. H Phillips proposed, R Williams seconded and all agreed to a grant of £100.
Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod – Letter and request for support. None awarded.
Carmarthenshire County Council – information on rural development Plan 2014 – 2020: Funding Opportunities.
Mental Health Project group – Engagement information letter.
Wales audit office – Information regarding changes to the external audit arrangements.
Swalec – Direct Debit notification.
Simon Hart MP – Information of current contact details and offer of support if/when needed.
Carmarthenshire YFC – information letter and request for support. £200 awarded; proposed by D Phillips, seconded by R Williams and agreed by all.
Carmarthenshire County Council/One Voice Wales – Notification of Community and Town Councils County Liaison meeting to be held on 8th December at 6.15pm at County hall Carmarthen.
Pwyllgor Cymuned Llanglydwen – Request to support or buy a Christmas tree and lights for Llanglydwen. N Thomas to speak to J Lewis to explain what’s involved and to ascertain what exactly their intentions were before awarding any grant.
Carmarthenshire County Council – Notification that Cllr. Peter Walton of Llanwinio Community Council would fill the additional Community Governor vacancy at Ysgol Bro Brynach.

• W/32671 – Installation of a 225kw wind turbine on land at Blaenpant, Blaenwaun for the DC21 Group – Charles Ashton (01.09.15).
• W/32610 – Erection of a single story timber framed conservatory at the Old Rectory, Hebron for Dr. and Mrs. Williams (17.09.15).
• W/31160 – One Planet Development: Notification that the determination would be deferred in order that the Planning Committee could undertake a private site visit. The site visit to be held on 22.09.15 at 10.15am. See matters arising.

No issues, queries or comments made.

Accounts for Payments
M Williams – Caretakers Salary (July – September 2015). £662 (£250 for weekend work, £462 for weekdays: 66 days @ £7/day (minus £50 - overpayment for last quarter)). Cheque no. 000735.
K Richards – Clerks salary (July – September 2015). £300, cheque no. 000736.
HMRC – Tax on Clerks Salary. £75, cheque no. 000737.
Hayston Developments and Planning – Additional work relating to Rhiw Las (invoice 2). £420, cheque no. 000738.
Keith Adams – Mowing and strimming work carried out over spring/summer 2015. £700, cheque no. 000739.
Carmarthenshire YFC - £200, cheque no. 000740. See correspondence.
CISS - £100 grant, cheque no. 000741. See correspondence.
Any Other Business
R Williams asked that a thank you letter be sent Kerry Joules to thank her for painting the plinth at the top of Llanboidy.
D Phillips asked that a thank you and best wishes card be sent to the Vicar of St Brynach Church as he has left Llanboidy after 25 years of service.

I HEREBY GIVE YOU NOTICE that an ordinary meeting of the Community Council will be held on Wednesday 4th October 2015 at the Llanboidy Market Hall, Llanboidy at 8.00pm.
1 Confirm Minutes
2 Declarations of Interest
3 Matters Arising
4 Correspondence
5 Planning
• W/32814 – Discharge of Planning Condition. Discharge of condition 2 on W/22300 (External finishing materials) at land off New House Llangynin for Dr Brickarnd Ramruttin, Devon.
• W/32825 – Prospective One Plant Development to develop a low impact smallholding on 4 hectares of land formally known as Hebron Farm. One dwelling to support two people. Land adjacent to Dol, Barcud, Hebron for Salena Walker, Maes Melangell, The Lammas Ecovillage, Glandwr.
6 Accounts for Payment
Invoice for meetings held at Market Hall Llanboidy (L Davies to provide invoice).
7 Any Other Business