Llanboidy Community Council Minutes 02-2016

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Llanboidy Community Council Minutes 02-2016

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Minutes of Llanboidy Community Council Meeting Held on Wednesday 03rd February 2016 at the Market Hall Llanboidy
Members Present:
Chairman – N Thomas
Councillors Present – J Gibbin MBE, R Williams, J Rees, Cllr R Llewellyn, H Phillips, L Davies and D Dent.
Apologies – S Thomas, D Phillips and R Davies
The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted as a true record; proposed by J Gibbin MBE, seconded by R Williams and agreed by all.
Declarations of Interest
Matters Arising
Traffic near the school
Cllr. Llewellyn met J Pearce and J McAvoy outside the school last Thursday. It was decided that the parking area be kept clear between 8.30 – 9.30am as well as 2.30 – 3.30pm. The County Council will erect the appropriate signs.

Empty Properties- Penybont Cottages
Progress is being made and two planning applications have been made for the improvement of the buildings.

Over growing tress/hedges

J Pearce to organise ditching.

Rough road to Plas Y Bwci
This is still on the ongoing CCC works programme.

Swn Y Gan, Cefn Y Pant
The Planning Inspectorate decided that the appeal be dismissed. The main issue being; the effect of the development on the character and appearance of the surrounding area.

Parsonage Hill
J Pearce agreed during visit that improvement is required ASAP.

Horse/Children warning signs
J McAvoy recognised the need for signs and he will speak to the stable owners.

Extension of pipe at Trebleidded Junction
J Pearce hoped that ditching work would be completed ASAP.

Subsiding Hedge
J Pearce is monitoring situation.

Movement of drain cover on the left hand side of the road past Penrhallt, Llanboidy
J Pearce will organise for a jetter to clean the drain ASAP.

Castell Bach
No feedback had been received from Suzanne Llewellyn.

Development at Rhiw Las, Abbey Road
A letter has been sent to the planning enforcement officer on behalf of the Council; no response has yet been received. A planning hearing will be held in Carmarthen, all persons who spoke previously will be given the opportunity to speak again. R Cole reported that there has been a great deal of activity at the site, Carl Atkins has visited the site but no action has been taken. R Llewellyn will speak to C Atkins.

Pavement between upper and lower village
J McAvoy is going to check where Llanboidy is on the list. N Thomas to speak to Angela Burns regarding the issue.

Signposts for footpath
No developments.

16 Sunken road by the bridge in lower Llanboidy
Cllr. R Llewellyn to follow this up.

17 Road past Ddol being unsuitable for long vehicles
J McAvoy said that there is no issue. Matter closed.

18 Height Sign on Pont Y Fenni Bridge
The sign has been ordered.

19 Sunken grid in road past Blaensarngoch
This work has not yet been completed.

20 Access around Market Hall Llanboidy
The clerk had received an email from Del Morgan (One Voice Wales) regarding how the land would need to be sold/leased at best market value etc. This will be reported back to the Hall Committee.
21 6” step in the road by a water grate up from the top of Rhos Hill
This work has not been completed and water is flowing down the road.

22 Unsuitable for motor Vehicles’ sign for Rhiw Serth
J McAvoy is happy for a sign to be erected near the playing field entrance.

23 Overgrowing trees at Glan Gronw, Llanboidy
This property has been added to the list of overgrowing trees/hedges in the area.
The road from Cefnypant towards Tower is very dirty.
The landowner had made the road dirty and the County Council will contact them regarding this.

Dirty road between the two entrances of Clyngwynne Mansion.
The road has been cleaned, matter closed.
Pothole in the road by Llwyngwydd
Pothole has been filled.

Drains on the road going up out of Llanboidy are blocked with leaves.
Awaiting jetter to attend drains.

Rubbish washed down the road at Farmers.
Rubbish has been cleared.

Disabled pull cord in Public Conveniences.
R Llewellyn has reported this to the H&S Unit as is awaiting a response.
Tenovus – Request for financial assistance. None awarded.
Hayston Developments and Planning Ltd – Copy of letter sent to C Atkins on behalf of Llanboidy Community Council.
Domestic Abuse Services – Request for financial assistance. None awarded.
CCC – Invitation to join in the ‘Pared Dewi Sant’ parade in Carmarthen on Saturday 27th February at 11am.
Wales Air Ambulance – Receipt for grant awarded.
Wrenvale Nurseries and Landscapes – Information letter.
Dyfed Powys Police and Crime Commissioner – Letter informing that officers and PCSOs who patrol locally will be moving from St. Clears to Whitland.
CCC – Notice of footway lighting charges 2016/17 - £2020.75.

Application Number: W/33240
Application Type Full: Planning
Applicant(s): MR CYRIL DAVIES

Application Number: W/33241
Application Type: Conservation Area Consent
Applicant(s): MR CYRIL DAVIES

No issues, queries or comments made.

Accounts for Payments
One Voice Wales membership 2016/17 - £123.00. Cheque no. 000750. Payment proposed by J Rees, seconded by J Gibbin MBE and agreed by all.
Hayston Developments and Planning Ltd - £126.00. Cheque no. 000749 for invoice 3 (Letter sent to planning enforcement officer). Payment proposed by J Gibbin MBE, seconded by H Phillips and agreed by all.

Any Other Business
L Davies reported that there is a blocked drain at Beili Mawr.
R Williams reported that there had been an accident at Groesffordd. A car had collided with a tractor and ended up upside down. The visibility is poor due to a hedge that has grown up over a fence. R Llewellyn to report to CCC.
Cllr R Llewellyn reported that even though there are outstanding issues things are getting done. The work of a County Councillor is increasingly difficult but the Community Council are grateful for his persistent had work.
D Dent reported that the drain across the road from the soakaway near to Maencoch entrance is blocked.
M Williams reported to the clerk that one of the toilets is in need of a deep clean (one where lock was broken). This would be done when the weather improves. She also reported that a light need replacing (this has been organised by the clerk via through CCC).
The risk Assessment for 2015/16 was adopted by the Council.
Annual Dinner will be held on 22nd April at Caffi Beca.

I HEREBY GIVE YOU NOTICE that an ordinary meeting of the Community Council will be held on Wednesday 2nd March 2016 at the Llanboidy Market Hall, Llanboidy at 8.00pm.
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Matters Arising
Accounts for Payment
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