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Llanboidy Community Council Minutes 04-2016

Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:32 pm
by Admin
Minutes of Llanboidy Community Council Meeting Held on Wednesday 6th April 2016 at the Market Hall Llanboidy
Members Present:
Chairman – N Thomas
Councillors Present – L Davies, J Gibbin MBE, S Thomas, D Dent, J Rees, R Williams, D Phillips and Cllr. R Llewellyn.
Apologies – H Phillips
The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted as a true record; proposed by J Gibbin, seconded by S Thomas and agreed by all.
Declarations of Interest
S Thomas declared an interest as a member of Llanboidy of District social Club and to the matter pertaining to Soar cottage
D Dent and J Rees declared an interest in Trinity Chapel.
N Thomas, J Gibbin MBE, N Thomas, L Davies, D Phillips, J Rees and R Williams declared an interest in the matter concerning the Market Hall Llanboidy.
D Phillips, R Williams, L Davies, S Thomas and N Thomas declared an interest in St Brynach Church.
D Phillips declared an interest in Penybont cottages.
Matters Arising
1. Traffic near the school
Cllr. Llewellyn reported that the highway assistant Andrew Morgan had said the sign would be erected in the very near future.

2. Empty Properties- Penybont Cottages
D Phillips reported that they had been given permission to carry out some repairs as it is ‘emergency work’.

3. Over growing tress/hedges
The proprietor of Glan Gronw has agreed to cut back the trees.

4. Glanrhyd
The new financial year has begun and it is hoped the work will be completed ASAP.

5. Rough road to Plas Y Bwci
The new financial year has begun and it is hoped the work will be completed ASAP.

6. Parsonage Hill
The new financial year has begun and it is hoped the work will be completed ASAP.

7. Horse/Children warning signs
The signs have been ordered, however the councillors feel that more signs are required due to the amount of horses on the road in the area. Cllr. R Llewellyn would report this to J McAvoy and inform him that there are two new stables in the area.

8. Extension of pipe at Trebleidded Junction
Chippings had made a mound in the road but the sweeper has been out and the road has been cleared.

9. Subsiding Hedge
The road down from Pencnwc is on the works programme for this year.

10. Drain on the left hand side of the road past Penrhallt, Llanboidy
The jetter had been out but discovered that there is a collapsed drain on the other side of the road that needs repairing.

11. Castell Bach
Cllr. R Llewellyn had discovered that the parking bays actually belong to Maesgwyn and have done so since 1987. Matter closed.

12. Development at Rhiw Las, Abbey Road
The hearing will actually be held on the 18th May and Cllr. R Llewellyn was still awaiting the report from Richard Jones. N Thomas had discussed the issue with Angela Burns and asked for her support in the matter; he is awaiting a response.

13. Pavement between upper and lower village
N Thomas had spoken to Angela Burns regarding the issue and she said she was going to look into it. He is awaiting a response.

14. Signposts for footpath
No developments.

15. Sunken road by the bridge in lower Llanboidy
Work completed. Matter closed.

16. Height Sign on Pont Y Fenni Bridge
The sign has been ordered.

17. Sunken grid in road past Blaensarngoch
A work sheet has been issued by CCC and the work will be completed.

18. Access around Market Hall Llanboidy
N Thomas, J Gibbin MBE, N Thomas, L Davies, D Phillips, J Rees and R Williams declared an interest. Howell Humphreys had advised that an easement agreement should be drawn up by a solicitor which allows the Market Hall to carry out work. This will be reported to the hall committee. A Dispensation for the above councillors to talk during these discussions would be applied for.

19. 6” step in the road by a water grate up from the top of Rhos Hill
The area had been marked in preparation for the work to be completed.

20. Unsuitable for motor Vehicles’ sign for Rhiw Serth
The sign has been ordered.

21. The road from Cefnypant towards Tower is very dirty.
Cllr R Llewellyn to organise for the land owners to be contacted regarding the problem.

22. Drains on the road going up out of Llanboidy are blocked with leaves.
Staff members have now returned and they are hopeful that the work on the roads will re-start soon.

23. Disabled pull cord in Public Conveniences.
It was reported that members of public should report to the clerk if the alarm goes off. The clerk would then contact the caretaker to open the door. If the caretaker is not available council members should be contacted to open the door as this can be done from the outside with a screw driver. The clerk to ask R Davies for a risk assessment pertaining to the public conveniences.

24. Blocked drain at Beili Mawr
The jetter didn’t work. The drain will have to be dug up and replaced.

25. Drain across the road from the soakaway near to Maencoch entrance is blocked.
This area had been cleared once but will need clearing again.

26. Public Convenience lights
The clerk had contacted CCC regarding the sensors; they responded by saying they would look into the matter and then report back.

27. Potholes on the Abbey road
The highways staff members have now returned and the potholes will be filled.

28. Dangerous holes on the left passed Maencoch
Cllr R Llewellyn had pointed out the problem to John Pearce (area between Blaensarngoch and Maencoch).

29. Narrow between Playback and Glan Afon
This issue has been reported.

30. Council Vacancy
The clerk had been informed that ten electors did not request for an election to take place and the council would now need to co-opt a member. Notices to advertise the co-option would be displayed.
1 Trinity Chapel – Request for financial assistance. £500 awarded in precept; payment proposed by S Thomas, seconded by D Phillips and agreed by all. Cheque no. 000761. D Dent and J Rees declared an interest and left the room.
2 Llanboidy District Sports and Social Club – Request for financial assistance. £750 awarded in precept; payment proposed by J Gibbin MBE, seconded by J Rees and agreed by all. Cheque no. 000759. S Thomas declared an interest and left the room.
3 St Brynach Church – Request for financial assistance. £1000 awarded in precept; payment proposed by J Gibbin MBE, seconded by J Rees and agreed by D Dent. Cheque no. 000758. N Thomas, S Thomas, D Phillips, R Williams and L Davies declared an interest and left the room.
4 Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Authority – Information regarding the 2016/17 improvement plan.
5 SWALEC – Direct debit fee notice, £26.78.
6 Radio Glangwili – Receipt for £100 grant awarded.
7 Information pack – Walk for Life.
8 Carmarthenshire County Council – Information and flyers regarding the National assembly for Wales and Police and Crime Commissioner Elections.
9 Carmarthenshire YFC – Invite to attend 2016 rally.
10 Carmarthenshire County Council – Receipt for payment of £1896.62 (footway and lighting charges 15/16).
11 Age Cymru Sir Gar – Request for financial assistance; none awarded.
12 Carmarthenshire County Council – Invoice for the lease of the public conveniences 2015/16; £349.19, payment proposed by J Gibbin MBE, seconded by D Dent and agreed by all. Cheque no. 000760.
W/33542 – Listed Building. Proposed rebuilding of gable end wall and the chimney including reinstatement of the roof and associated flashing and replacing fascia board and soffits. Mr D Owens, Lan, Cenfnypant Whitland SA34 0TS.

No queries or objections.

Accounts for Payments
See correspondence; points 1, 2, and 12.
Any Other Business
1. R Williams reported that there are potholes on the Soar Hill.
2. R Williams reported that there is a car that keeps parking on the pavement outside the flats. The councillors would try to identify who the car belongs to.
3. D Phillips reported that all new planning applications now have to pay £77/sq. meter towards affordable housing in the area. He was concerned that presently there are no affordable houses in the area and felt it unfair that other areas benefit from money gained in Llanboidy and its surroundings. He wondered if there was a possibility of the money being spent on something else in the community; Cllr R Llewellyn would make enquiries with Linda Evans.
4. Keith Adams has asked if the council would like him to cut the grass again this year. It was proposed by J Gibbin that Keith did the work and that he would be paid £800, seconded by D Dent and agreed by all.
5. S Thomas declared an interest in Soar cottage but reported that the drain opposite the cottage is completely blocked as the chippings are being washed away.
6. N Thomas had attended a meeting regarding the roll out of superfast broadband in the area with Simon Hart MP and Ed Hunt (BT). They reported that 90% of rural Wales would have superfast broadband by the end of this year (currently 70% from Simon Hart MP’s area and this would rise to 85% by the end of the year).

I HEREBY GIVE YOU NOTICE that an ordinary meeting of the Community Council will be held on Wednesday 4th May 2016 at the Llanboidy Market Hall, Llanboidy at 8.00pm.
1 Confirm Minutes
2 Declarations of Interest
3 Matters Arising
4 Correspondence
5 Planning
6 Accounts for Payment
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