Llanboidy Community Council Minutes 09-2016

This is where our Community has its voice, read the latest Minutes of our Community Council Meetings, let our local representatives know how they are doing, praise where it's due and constructive suggestions where necessary.
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Llanboidy Community Council Minutes 09-2016

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Minutes of Llanboidy Community Council Meeting Held on Wednesday 7th September 2016 at the Market Hall Llanboidy
Members Present:
Chairman – D Dent
Councillors Present – L Davies, Cllr. R Llewellyn, R Williams, J Gibbin MBE, J Kedward, D Phillips, S Thomas and J Rees, N Thomas.
Apologies – H Phillips
The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted as a true record; proposed by J Gibbin MBE seconded by R Williams and agreed by all.
Declarations of Interest
D Phillips – Penybont cottages
R Williams – Planning application W/34352
Matters Arising
1. Traffic near the school
Cllr. R Llewellyn reported that he and J Pearce had spent a day looking at all the issues in the parish. The new sign prohibiting parking in the bus bay has been erected.

2. Empty Properties- Penybont Cottages
See planning.

3. Over growing tress/hedges
The overgrown trees at Glan Gronw have been cut.

4. Glanrhyd, Rough road to Plas Y Bwci and Parsonage Hill
Cllr. R Llewellyn reported that the worksheet has been issued and the area is on the list for top dressing but there is currently a shortage of staff which means work is not being completed. J Gibbin MBE commented that surface dressing has been completed on the other side of Carmarthen.

5. Horse/Children warning signs
J McAvoy had reported that a letter had been sent to Hafod Riding Stables and that the Council was awaiting a response. J Kedward reported that no letter has been received.

6. Extension of pipe at Trebleidded Junction
As point 4. It is also reported that an extension is required to deal with the standing water.

7. Subsiding Hedge
A section of road is to be overlaid from below Pen Cnwc to the bridge.

8. Drain on the left hand side of the road past Penrhallt, Llanboidy
Worksheet has been issued. The drain has collapsed and therefore a new cross drain is required.

9. Development at Rhiw Las, Abbey Road
A planning application had been received (W/34353) to discharge conditions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of application W/31160. The clerk was asked to respond to the application, objecting to the removal of these conditions.

10. Pavement between upper and lower village
Application pack for safer routes in the Community has been received. Cllr R Llewellyn would re-submit the application used for the past few years. It was suggested that a new petition be made, J Kedward to organise this.

11. Signposts for footpath
Cllr R Llewellyn has not has an opportunity to speak to Emyr Davies regarding the signs required. The clerk was asked to contact Emyr regarding the issue.

12. Access around Market Hall Llanboidy
The clerk reported that she had spoken to Carwyn Rees from E Perkins who had said that the cost of this work would be roughly £750 plus VAT plus travelling expenses of 50p/mile, He has also asked for a copy of the plans of the hall and the area requiring valuation. The councillors to send a copy of the plan required to the clerk to scan and send across to Carwyn.

13. 6” step in the road by a water grate up from the top of Rhos Hill
J Pearce has said that the drain needs to be lowered and the water seems to be seeping out from the hedge bank.

14. Unsuitable for motor Vehicles’ sign for Rhiw Serth
Awaiting sign.

15. Drains on the road going up out of Llanboidy are blocked with leaves.
The drains have been cleared.

16. Blocked drain at Beili Mawr
New cross drain required. Worksheet has been issues, awaiting staff.

17. Potholes on the Abbey road
Patching work is required.

18. Dangerous holes on the left passed Maencoch
No work carried out to date. The plan is to have a deep ditch dug out and to have hedge markers erected.

19. Narrow between Plasback and Glan Afon
J Pearce is aware of the issue and a work sheet has been issued. J Gibbin MBE reported that the potholes have been done.

20. Planning at Cilerwydd
D Phillips had sent a letter to Stephen Thomas but had had no response. He was advised by R Llewellyn to speak to Helen Rice. R Llewellyn reported that under the 106 agreement the money would be deposited in the affordable housing pot and then be distributed locally.

21. Blocked drain opposite Soar Cottage
Cllr R Llewellyn reported that the current system is not working and that new gulley and drain will be needed. Once the work has been completed the chippings that have been washed away would be replaced.

22. Narrow road at bottom of Ddol hill (narrow on turn)
Work is required. Worksheet has been issued, awaiting staff.

23. No pull in on road past Parsonage
J Pearce had said that due the low traffic load the work does not warrant the cost. Matter closed.

24. Grass behind fence by bridge
Grass has been cut. Thanks to those who helped. Matter closed.

25. European funding applications
J Kedward to send information onto clerk.

26. Large Beech Tree and Glan Yr Afon
Clerk to report to T Williams/J Pearce.

27. Maesgwyn Arms
D Phillips has spoken to the proprietor who has said that the building is safe. Situation to be monitored.

28. Horse mess
J Kedward has sent out letters to the local riders asking them to stay off the pavements when possible and to clear away any mess on the pavement.

29. Overhanging hedge between Llaindelyn and the cross roads
Situation has been reported

• Police and Crime Commissioner – Letter regarding Police and Crime Plan.
• NHS Wales – Let’s talk Health posters and information.
• Carmarthenshire County Council – Precept remittance - £5451.62
• Llanboidy Market Hall – receipt and thanks for grant awarded.
• Carmarthenshire local access forum annual report.
• Cylch Meithrin Ffynnonwen – receipt and thanks for grant awarded.
• Carmarthenshire YFC – Information letter and request for financial assistance. £200 proposed by J Gibbin, seconded by J Rees and agreed by all.
• Grant Thornton – Audit for the year ending 31st March 2016.
• Carmarthenshire County Council – Safe Routes in the Community Grant paperwork.

• W/34321 - Existing barn conversion into a rural enterprise dwelling, functional needs for a family member/current employee of the farm business to remain and live on site. Mr and Mrs James Owen Dyffryn Brodyn, Blaenwaun, Whitland.
• D Phillips declared an interest.
W/34334 - Discharge of condition 3 (provide additional bat access) on planning permissions W/33240 and W/332431 at Penybont, Llanboidy for Mr Cyril Davies, 117 King George V Drive North, Heath, Cardiff.
• Application for a lawful development certificate for an existing use or operation or activity: to establish the fact that the building does not have planning permission as a dwelling and, as it has been constructed for a period in excess of four years it remains immune from enforcement action. As such, any restriction of its occupancy has no relevance. Mr and Mrs Glover, Ty FFerm, Login SA34 0HP.
• A new dwelling to replace an existing dwelling approved under W/32382. Land at Brackendale, Blaenwauneirch, Cwmfelin Boeth SA34 0RU. Mr and Mrs Paul Hawkins.
• R Williams declared an interest.
W/34352 – Full planning to provide external access to first floor flat via external staircase and modification of exisiting opening for Rodney Williams, Cloth Hall, Llanboidy.

No objections or queries

• W/34353 – Discharge of planning conditions. Discharge of conditions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 on W/31160 (Habitat scheme, temporary accommodation, access, parking and turning facilities. Land at Rhiw Las, Abbey Road, Whitland for Rhiw Las Limited – Dr. Erica Thompson.

See point 9 of matters arising.

Accounts for Payments
No accounts for payment

Any Other Business
R Williams reported that the car park needs weeding and cleaning. It was agreed to meet and clean the area on Thursday 13th September at 7pm.
The display in the car park is in a poor state. The clerk was asked to look into getting a resin sign rather than replacing with wood again. It was suggested to try realm signs in Llandeilo.
R Williams had received a request from C Hoad asking if it would be ok to plant daffodils along the fence by the bridge. All agreed that this would be a lovely idea.
J Rees reported that the grass in the school is not being cut and the grounds are in a mess. Cllr R Llewellyn to convey the concern to the governing body. He would also see if it was feasible for the Community Council to contribute financially to the school.
D Phillips reported that there is a nasty dip in the road past Penrallt just up from the drain.
The road surface is uneven outside Glan Yr Afon on the St Clear’s side.
A discussion was held regarding the amount and size of recycling bins in the car park. It was decided that the can one was probably not required and wondered if smaller containers that are parked tidier could be provided. Cllr R Llewellyn would make enquiries.
N Thomas was concerned regarding the conditions of the roads in general; he felt that the service from the highways department was poor.
S Thomas reported that there was a large hole in the center of the road opposite Craig Ddu.
The clerk reported she had made enquiries regarding accessing a grant for a defibrillator however the current funding has run out. She was advised to keep an eye on the website as they would post there if more grant funding becomes available.
The clerk gave copies of the of the quarterly budget report to the Councilors. L Davies proposed and R Williams seconded that the report was an accurate account of the council’s current financial position and all councilors were in agreement. The chairman and clerk signed the relevant documents. Please see attached.

I HEREBY GIVE YOU NOTICE that an ordinary meeting of the Community Council will be held on Wednesday 5th October 2016 at the Llanboidy Market Hall, Llanboidy at 8.00pm.
1 Confirm Minutes
2 Declarations of Interest
3 Matters Arising
4 Correspondence
5 Planning
W/34360 – Discharge of planning condition(s). Discharge of condition 3 on W/34047 (Nesting site for swallows). Llwynpiod, Login,Whitland for Steve Sunderland, Llwynpiod, Login.
W/34418 – Prior notification – Agricultural or Forestry Development, portal frame shed for cattle housing in winter at Maes Y Deri, Llanboidy. For Mr Dewi Morgan, Maes Y Deri Llanboidy.
6 Accounts for Payment
7 Any Other Business